Record of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core since the 19th CPC National Congress
Hebei Rural Work Conference & Poverty Alleviation Work Conference Held in Shijiazhuang
Hebei Highlights
Local News
· Give Full Play to the Advantages of Normal Universities 2019/12/31
· Hou Pei's "Governance of China" Foundation 2019/12/30
· Create a new pattern of rural governance 2019/12/30
· High-quality party building leads high-quality development of enterprises 2019/12/30
· Innovate and promote talent work in the new era Strive to create a new situation in talent work 2019/12/30
· Exploring new paths for grassroots governance 2019/12/30
· Stimulating governance effectiveness with pragmatic innovation 2019/12/30
· Annual assessment should be "hardcore" 2019/12/31
· "Ending" does not change to "End" 2019/12/30
· Consistently advance eternal issues 2019/12/30
· Reducing burden without reducing responsibilities 2019/12/30
· Build an Iron Army for Ecological Environment Protection 2019/12/30
· Cast the soul of the leadership 2019/12/30
· Efforts to promote the high-quality development of civil servants' exam recruitment 2019/12/30
· The Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security jointly released the advanced deeds of the "most beautiful grass-roots college graduates" in 2019 2019/12/31
· Answer good lifelong questions 2019/12/31
· Persist in problem orientation to be effective 2019/12/30
· The Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee issued a notice requesting that during the New Year's Day Spring Festival visits and condolences to party members, veteran party members and veteran cadres with difficulties in living 2019/12/30
· "Learning Power" Skills Channel Launched 2019/12/30
· Promote the institutionalization of staff training in public institutions 2019/12/30
· Comprehensively strengthen the training of public institution staff and build a high-quality professional staff team 2019/12/30
· Promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, so that talents can fully display their talents 2019/12/31
· Snow and ice sports population "taki" 2019/12/30
· Regulating the flow of talents in colleges and universities should be "managed" instead of "managed" 2019/12/30
· Gather talents from all over the world 2019/12/30
· Gap in snow and ice teachers 2019/12/30
· Insist on improving the system of science and technology talents 2019/12/30
· City Settlement "Unbundling" Opens Road for Talent Flow 2019/12/30
· Botou Vocational College's public recruitment of staff announcements in 2019 2019/12/30
· Announcement of Public Recruitment of Primary and Middle School Teachers in Shijiazhuang Jingjing Mining Area in 2020 2019/12/30
· Cangzhou Teachers College's public recruitment of staff announcements in 2019 2019/12/30
· Cangzhou No. 1 Middle School publicly recruits staff in 2019 2019/12/30
· Cangzhou Medical College publicly announces staff recruitment in 2019 2019/12/30
· Announcement of public recruitment of teachers in Cangzhou municipal education system institutions in 2019 2019/12/30
· Announcement of public recruitment of teachers in Handan Economic and Technological Development Zone institutions in 2019 2019/12/30
Core values of socialism
character More
· Xu Xinjian: The blood of the fighting thugs 2020/01/02
· Ma Zhongxue: the descendants of martyrs charge ahead 2020/01/02
· Lu Yunxin: The Eternal Fire Spirit 2020/01/02
· Zeng Fuxing: Loyal, Doing Itself 2020/01/02
· Jiang Xueyuan: Practice vows with life 2020/01/02
· Jade Warrior Eternal Loyal 2019/12/30
· Chen Shuxiang: Life and Death Penetrating through the Paper Back 2019/12/30
· Yang Yucai, the hero of the surprise attack on the White Tigers 2019/12/27
· Zhang Yuguang: Shirtless against the enemy and protect the mountains and rivers 2019/12/27
· Zhou Linzhi: Practice vows with life 2019/12/27
· Zeng Lin: Finding a Party Organization and Rejoining the Party 2019/12/27
Hebei Party History More
Shijiazhuang: a century-old shop witnesses the moment of liberation
Shijiazhuang: a century-old shop witnesses the moment of liberation
At 11 o'clock on November 12, 1947, after six days and nights of fighting by the People's Liberation Army, Shijiazhuang, a town in North China, declared liberation. [detailed]
· Zhang Zhijiang, a martial artist in the Battle of Taierzhuang 2020/01/02
· Six strong men in hanging clouds 2019/12/31
· Chai Hongru: a heroic commander 2019/12/27
  • In 2018, Tietun Village, Huaiyang Town, Yuanshi County was awarded the "National Model Village of Democracy and Rule of Law" by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

    In 2018, Tietun Village, Huaiyang Town, Yuanshi County was ...

  • Police guard warms people's hearts Berlin thanks for sending pennants

    Police escorts warm heart Berlin thanks for sending pennants

  • [Good deeds in Hebei] Hao Hongyin: Being needed is a kind of happiness

    [Good deeds in Hebei] Hao Hongyin: Being needed is one ...

  • Shijiazhuang No. 53 Middle School hosts the theme event of "Creating Civilized Campus"

    Shijiazhuang 53 hosted the "Civilized Campus" ...

  • Five collectives in Langfang City were awarded the title of "Leading Model of Civilization Industry in Hebei Province"

    Five collectives of Langfang City won the innovation of civilized industry in Hebei ...

  • The Langfang City held the sixth ethics model selection and commendation mobilization meeting

    Langfang City Held the Sixth Ethical Model Selection Awards ...

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